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Westmoreland Elite Volleyball Club

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Westmoreland Elite Volleyball Club (also known as West E)?
Westmoreland Elite is a girls' volleyball club in southwestern Pennsylvania and is within the Keystone Region Volleyball Association which is governed by USA Volleyball.  The club provides volleyball players the opportunity to participate in practices and tournaments around the region.

Where are you located and where do you practice?
We are at the Murrysville SportsZone Complex at 4491 School Rd S Export, PA 15632. You can find us right behind the Sheetz!

How do I join?
All players are required to have (at minimum) a tryout membership through USA Volleyball.  Once the decision is made for the player to participate, a full membership can be purchased through USA Volleyball.  Membership fees are the responsibility of each player.

Do I register for tryouts?
Yes!  Tryout information and registration is now available!  We do accept "walk-in" players on the day of tryouts but do prefer pre-registration.

What do I need for tryouts?
You must bring confirmation of a tryout or full membership with USAV, a completed medical release form and tryout fee. See "Tryout Info & Registration" for more info. 

How do tryouts work?
Summer tryouts for 15s to 18s will be held in July 2023 and 13U to 18s will also have an available tryout date(s) in October (13U & 14s) & November (15s to 18s).  There are multiple tryout days for each age group that the players can attend.  Each player will be evaluated by our coaching staff.  The Wednesday after the tryouts are held, invitations or wait list emails are sent to all girls that tryout.  Once invitations are sent, players have the option to accept or deny the offer.  Once you accept an invitation to a club, you are locked in to play for that club for the entire season.  Please see KRVA FAQs for more information.

Does West E send out invitations to players prior to tryouts (aka "Loyalty Offers")?
West E elects to wait until the tryout period is over to send out all invitations to all age groups.

How/When are the teams selected?
Team placement is completed around the first week in December.  Players are notified via email which team they will participate on for the season.

What age group does my daughter play in?
The USA Volleyball "Age Definitions" document is available at the following link -- Age Definitions
*This document was used for 2022-2023 season and has not been updated yet by USA Volleyball.  To determine age division, find player month/year and go up 1 age group.  For example, player with birthday in Sept 2007 (15s age group) will participate in the 16s division for 2023-2024 season.

How many teams do you have per age group?
The amount of teams varies by age group.  West E plans on having 1-2 teams per age group with the exception of 13U & 14s.  We feel that it is very important for player development in the younger ages so we may offer a 3rd team in these ages groups.

How many players are each team?
We like to keep between 8-10 players on a team.

Can girls play up or be waived down an age division? 
Unfortunately, players cannot be moved down an age division per the Region rules.  West E likes to keep girls within their own age division but there are exceptions where players may be moved up an age division based on their level of play.

How many coaches will each team have?
All teams will have a head coach and potentially receive an assistant coach as well.

What certifications do your coaches have?
Each coach has a membership through USA Volleyball where they go through a background screening and Safesport training. West E requires that all coaches have current clearances. 

How many practices a week does each team have?
Each team has one weeknight practice on Wednesdays and one weekend practice on Sundays. The younger age groups tend to practice earlier and the older age groups have the later practices.


How long does the season last? 
We begin tryouts in October/November timeframe and run from November until thelast week in April.

How many tournaments will each team participate in?
Each team typically has a minimum of 5 tournaments for 13U and the older ages have 6-8 tournaments that they will participate.  The tournament schedule is not finalized until December timeframe.

How many multi-day tournaments will each team play in?
In the past, each team attends at least 1 multi-day tournament.  Depending on the team, they could attend 2-3 throughout the season.

How many “stay to play” tournaments will each tournament play in?
At West E, we try to avoid the “stay to play” tournaments but cannot guarantee that we will not schedule.

Who is responsible for hotel payment during overnight tournaments?
Parents are responsible for hotels and travel/meal expenses for their athletes.

Who is responsible for arranging hotel accommodations for the families?
The club will reserve blocks of rooms for tournaments where there are many West E teams participating.  Team parents can reserve a block of rooms for their team.  More information is provided on hotels as we approach the tournament season.

How much does it cost to be a member of West E?
Club dues/tuition is dependent upon the age group and team within that age group.  The amounts will be available to all parents during tryouts. 

Is fundraising available?
Yes, we do provide a fundraising opportunity for the season. 

What is included in the uniform package for players?
All players receive two jerseys, volleyball shoes or warm-up outfit (depending on availability), socks, spandex, kneepads, one warm-up shirt (pending availability) and a backpack (only if the player is new to the club). We have a gear sale once during the season where many different pieces such as hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, etc. are available for purchase. 

How can I become a team parent?
Once we finalize teams, we ask if anyone is interested in being the team parent. If you are selected as the team parent you play a few roles. Emails are often sent out from the club directors with information to the team parent and we ask that they inform the other parents on the team. Also, it is very helpful for the coach and team parent to communicate often so that they are always on the same page in regards to tournament start times, schedules, etc. A team parent also tends to take the lead on organizing team activities on away tournament weekends such as fun games and activities at the hotel or dinner at a restaurant.


Westmoreland Elite Volleyball Club
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