Westmoreland Elite Volleyball Club

Lydia Fink

Jessica Michel

​​​​​​​18 Black

Team Parent:   ​​​ Lori Feorene      lori@elite-corporation.com

Rachel Langsdorf

Paige Feorene

Stephanie O'Donnell

Tournament Link
Matches Won/Lost
Bracket Finish
Overall Finish
Jan 27Buckeye Volleyball - Columbus
5/12nd in Gold2nd out of 15
Feb 2-3Steel City Freeze5/13rd in Gold3rd out of 30
Feb 24Buckeye Volleyball Center - Newark
5th in Gold
5th out of 14
Mar 10
Seton Hill
3/23rd in Gold 3rd out of 11
Mar 17
2nd in Gold2nd out of 12
Mar 29-31Spikefest (Did not play)

Apr 14
2nd in Gold
2nd out of 16

Coaches.........:  Jana Orlofske    jorlofske@icloud.com 

Vanessa Tom

Liane Mooney

Rebecca Miller

Stephanie Schulte