Lillian Barker

Team Parent:  Kristy Porter

Natalie Miller

Elizabeth Albright

​​​​​​​​​15 White

Sarah Porter

Maura White

Lily Alisesky

Tournament Link
Matches Won/LostBracket Finish
Overall Finish
Jan 26Elite Sports0/43rd in Silver11th out of 12
Feb 2-3Steel City Freeze1/45th in Titanium31st out of 34
Feb 23West E 15 American "Snowflake"2/31st in Silver7th out of 10
Mar 9St. Vincent1/42nd in Silver10th out of 11
Mar 16Edinboro4/13rd in Gold 3rd out of 16
Mar 23-24KRVA Bid & Club Challenge
Apr 20West E 15 American Ellen Toy Memorial
May 5KRVA Regionals

Riley Oslosky

Julia Kubera

Coach...........: Alyssa Baker

Westmoreland Elite Volleyball Club

Destiny Dorn

Lydia Velantine