Westmoreland Elite Volleyball Club

Matches Won/Lost
Bracket Finish
Overall Finish
Feb 2-3
Steel City Freeze
3/2 7th in Gold 7th out of 16
Feb 24AVC 13 American2/32nd in Silver6th out of 8
Mar 9
Buckeye Volleyball - Columbus0/45th in Silver13th out of 14
Mar 16
West E 13 American "March Madness"
3/23rd in Gold3rd out of 12
Mar 23
Bethany?/?3rd in Gold 3rd out of 12
Mar 31West E 13 American "Turnpike Challenge"
?/?2nd in Gold2nd out ??
May 4 
KRVA Regionals

Amelia Barilla

Elle Caron

Addy Rusek

Maura Oslosky

​​​​​​​13 Black

Team Parent: ​​Tony Barilla            ajbarilla@gmail.com

Gianna Giachetti

Emily Hess

Gia Hornack

Kylie Mooney

Coach...........: Rachel Amerson    grubbs5rachel@gmail.com

Isabella Greenwald